Wanted: Buyers Seek To Buy Preschool Childcare Education - Los Angeles County

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  • 4/15/24

Contact: Chelle Johnson At 916-208-8553 , 916-333-9709  -  Also Email This Contact Below


We have 2 buyers ready to purchase your preschool, infant/toddler, and or after-school program. At least 50 children up to 135 licensed capacity. Wanted any type Montessori, playbased, franchised, doesn't matter. It can be SBA-qualified but not a deal breaker. If you are ready to retire or sell call or text us for a confidential valuation of your school and to chat about the possibility of selling your school to one of our buyers at your ideal price.

The buyers are already vetted for financial ability and can do a combination of cash and loan. The process is simple, and confidential and our team will guide you each step of the way. As a Broker, I have owned and operated preschools for over 20 years and know the language well.  Now I help other owners and operators sell theirs too. I do this by connecting them with buyers who are ready and able now.  Text or call me for more information.  

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  1. Name: Chelle Johnson
  2. phone iconPhone: 916-208-8553
  3. phone iconPhone: 916-333-9709

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