BizBen® Posting Policy Guidelines

To ensure the best possible experience for BizBen users and viewers, before being published every posting on BizBen is reviewed by a real, live human person (no “bots” or “AI”) – our search engine optimization experts – “BizBen Optimizers,” under the direction of a former business broker/intermediary. That’s why you will always experience a delay between submitting a posting and seeing it online (usually within 24 hours or less, depending on the volume and the day). This illustrates our commitment to accuracy and excellence.

We have established Advertising/Posting Rules, Policies, and Best Practices for BizBen users & advertisers to adhere to. We take these policies very seriously since active daily BizBen users & viewers is what keeps our National BizBen portal so popular. Those BizBen users who do not follow the policies below will be deactivated and not allowed to utilize BizBen to post for-sale and wanted-to-buy postings.

Please read our current posting policies and best practices below for future reference:

  • Posting types ALLOWED on BizBen include: Established businesses for sale (within the USA) (with or without real estate), businesses wanted to buy, franchise re-sales, new franchise offering by franchisors, legitimate business opportunities and licensing programs. Posting types NOT ALLOWED on BizBen include: lease-only situations, commercial real estate (apartments, warehouses, office spaces, etc.), airbnb type, investment, or partnership-based postings. Note: All postings that don't comply with our advertising policy will be deleted during the review and optimization process. Thank you.
  • Postings (For Sale, Wanted To Buy) not edited within every 90 days will be automatically inactivated. Please edit all your postings within every 90 days (every 30 days is preferential for maximum optimization and response)!
  • All postings (For Sale, Wanted To Buy) need to include a minimum of 150 characters or more in both the Short Profile and the Long Profile. Information contained in the Short Profile should also be included in the Long Profile. Our ongoing studies and surveys (with business buyers, owner/sellers, brokers, agents) at BizBen show that both buyers and sellers respond more to postings with more copy/text/information in them rather than less.
  • Photo Uploads With Postings: Photos uploaded with postings need to be photos of the business being sold — indoor or outdoor shots of the business. Please do not enter broker or company logos, artwork, flyers, images from the internet, etc. BizBen Users want to see what the business for sale looks like – not artwork, flyers, stock photos, or logos. (Almost all businesses can have some photo displayed that does not expose the identity of the business to preserve confidentiality.) By uploading photos you certify that you are not violating any copyright.
  • Don't enter the same posting (listing) more than once on BizBen. If you edit (even a minor edit) each ad every 30 days (or if the posting in your My Admin area of Active Postings says "Edit To Look New"), we will "refresh" your ad(s) to make them appear as new postings (businesses for sale or wanted to buy) – think “on top of other listings,” “top of the page” – you get the picture. We reward you for keeping your postings fresh and up to date on BizBen.
  • Don't enter duplicate ads or share the same posting(s) with another advertiser on BizBen. If you have multiple agents in your office or with your organization (multiple offices, etc.) make sure all agents understand this policy that only one posting per listing on BizBen – no duplicates from multiple sources!
  • Don't change the type of business or location in an existing posting – rather inactivate the existing posting and enter a new posting, but do not change an existing posting to another type of business for sale (or wanted to buy). The reason for this is we optimize every new posting to do well in all search engines and on BizBen and if you change one of your postings to another type or area of business it nullifies all the optimization we have accomplished (and your high rankings on search engines will go away on that posting).
  • Check your spelling and grammar on your BizBen postings. If your text is spelled incorrectly or the grammar is way off, your posting on BizBen will take longer to appear and your account may be suspended for multiple occurrences of misspellings and poor grammar. Users on BizBen tell us that bad grammar and spelling mistakes often make them think twice about contacting the advertiser (broker, agent, seller) about their posting/listing.
  • No website name, URL, html, email address, or phone number is allowed in in any posting text or copy on BizBen. Contact information (name, phone, email) should be entered in the appropriate field. (A broker may include an internal “listing number”.)
  • Do not put your name, phone number(s), or email in the about this business for sale (or wanted) profile/description field. Your name, phone(s), email info already appears in the posting in other places under the contact field, phone number fields, and email reply box.
  • Please inactivate (don't delete) any postings on BizBen that are sold, inactive, or off the market. Do not leave them on BizBen as active, viable listings. You can always activate postings from the inactive section in your BizBen account should they come back on the market, and you need to advertise them again. Buyers call and email us all the time about brokers and agents who don't follow this policy on BizBen. We take this very seriously. Please inactivate all sold, inactive, or off the market listings.
  • Use proper English. Do not use all capital letters (CAPS) in your text. All capital letters in text are hard to read and users/viewers tell us they find it annoying (and unprofessional). Please. English only, no other languages when posting.
  • All postings must be either a business for sale in the USA or businesses wanted to buy in the USA.
  • If you add an NDA or Confidentiality statement at the bottom of your posting text (in the long profile field), please DO NOT include these items in your text: your name, your company name, phone numbers, website URL, email, etc.
    Below are some great examples of NDA, Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreement text at the bottom of postings that are approved by BizBen:
    • Example 1: Gross Revenue and Cash Flow approximate and stated by seller. All information, data, financials, valuations, appraisals, real estate values, etc. must be verified with the seller and buyer's own professional advisors, CPA, etc. Buyers should always verify all information with the seller and their own independent advisors before putting any money at risk. No brokers or anyone under 18 years of age, please.
    • Example 2: This information has been provided by the seller of the business and has not been verified by the listing agent/broker. This information is subject to errors and omissions in price, projections, opinions, assumptions, future estimates, and other conditions such as lease or financing, or changes or withdrawal without notice. Potential clients/buyers are advised to seek professional help from their accountants and attorneys before purchasing or investing in a business/property. Broker makes no representation about the accuracy or completeness of the information and does not guarantee future performance. It is the responsibility of a prospective buyer to make their own inspection of all financial and other business records.
    • Example 3: DISCLAIMER: The information has been supplied to the Broker by the Seller. Broker expressly disclaims any and all liability for representations of warranties, expressed or implied, contained in such information, or for omissions from them. Broker believes the information to be correct but has not verified or checked it. Any agreement or decision by buyer to pursue a transaction regarding this business should be based on further investigation by the buyer.
    • Example 4: Disclaimer: The information here is provided by the Seller(s). The broker makes no representation as to accuracy or reliability of this information. Buyer(s) should perform their own due diligence by utilizing their own legal &/or financial advisors with regard to this information.

Note: Any postings that are submitted and do not meet our posting policy during the review & optimization process will be deleted upon review.

Thank you for understanding and using BizBen.com

Last Revised: 9/1/2022

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