Best Humming Bird Feeder

In this article, we’ve put together a collection of the best humming bird feeder that are currently trending on the market. We used AI and big data to analyze dozens of reviews and ratings on different humming bird feeder. Based on certain criteria, here we are presenting the top 10 humming bird feeder that you can consider buying for your needs. To make your choice easier, we constantly update this collection of humming bird feeder with new and trading models. When you make any purchase through our link, we may earn some commissions.

10 Best Humming Bird Feeder

Based on overall quality, performance, features, price, and customer reviews, the followings are the top 10 best selling humming bird feeder:

Product Highlights:
  • Antique blue glass mason jar with embossed details
  • 5 white and yellow metal flower feeding ports
  • Galvanized metal base with circular perch
  • Holds 32 oz of nectar
Product Highlights:
  • 【Vintage Design】: The retro Edison light bulb glass bottle and bronze metal cover with flower-shape feeding ports bring more natural beauty to your outdoor space.
  • 【Large Capacity】: Hummingbird feeder can hold up to 25 ounces of nectar, provide enough energy for hummingbirds.
  • 【Attractive Feeder】: Hummingbird feeder with 5 red flower feeding ports and wide perches, attracts hummingbirds to feed and rest.
  • 【Easy to Fill & Clean】: Simply screw the container off the base for cleaning or refilling, then you are ready to feed the humming birds. And we recommend washing your hummingbird feeder by hand with warm soapy water.
  • 【Best Gift】: Beautiful and the best present for your parents, friends, neighbor and loved ones. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will help you in 24 hours.
Product Highlights:
  • ATTRACTIVE FEEDER: 10 oz of nectar in this bright red feeder attract multitudes of hummingbirds to your backyard. 5 flower-shaped feeding ports and perches are arranged in a circular manner for several birds to feed.
  • LEAKPROOF RESERVOIR: The clear exterior of the container allows you to monitor nectar levels so you always know when to refill. Fully leakproof, you can turn it upside down. The wide mouth ensures simple filling and cleaning.
  • ANT GUARD: An ant moat is attached to the top of the feeder to Prevent ants. Fill it with water and drive away any approaching bugs. Ensure the nectar you prepared for the hummingbirds is pure and free of any creepy-crawlies.
  • SECURE HANGING: The hummingbird feeder is slipped onto a tree with an s-shaped hook or tightly tethered with a loop rope. (Both are included.) No tools are required to set it up. Get the feeder up and running with no effort.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The top twists on and off with one simple motion, ensuring you can easily fill the feeder. The base is composed of 2 parts to enable a thorough cleaning job. Hand-wash only; never place in the dishwasher.
Product Highlights:
  • BIRD FEEDER Kit - Includes [2] hummingbird nectar feeders for outdoors - Holds up to 16 oz of nectar - Round shaped With 10 feeding ports to satisfy multiple hungry hummingbirds at once - Tray style circular perch lets birds feed from all angles - Bundled With [2] adjustable rust-resistant hanging chains - 9.5 inches.
  • Attracts Hummingbirds - Bright red color attract birds of many species - red feeding ports are sure to attract birds; unlike other feeders with yellow ports that attract flying insects like yellow jackets, wasps, ants, etc.
  • LEAK PROOF - Built with hermetic screw-in seal, fill with nectar then screw the base on, and flip it over; the feeder will not leak while upside down -The seal prevents the occurrence of rainwater contaminating the nectar.
  • DURABLE AND EASE MAINTENANCE - Made in USA; no tools required - Reservoirs and base made of hard plastic. Clear reservoir to monitor nectar levels, wide mouth for easy filling and hand washing, patented 2-part base for easy cleaning. NOT Dishwasher Safe.
  • ENJOY BACKYARD BIRDS - Hang the feeder with a high of 5 feet of the ground - Tray style circular perch from all angles, will satisfy multiple hungry hummingbirds at once. First Nature - Around since 2001, and it’s the most recognized name in Hummingbird nectar feeder and the easiest feeder to clean.
Product Highlights:
  • ❤❤【EXCITING COLORS】❤❤✚ Our team of top experts has thoroughly studied the habits of hummingbirds, And cleverly combined the favorite colors of hummingbirds to create a brand hummingbird feeder for outdoors with great artistic appreciation. Let humans and hummingbirds become eternal friends, And make your yard the most loving home.
  • ❤❤【HIGH QUALITY】❤❤✚The upgraded thickened silicone seal of our premium hummingbird feeder helps prevent leakage . All materials are rust-proof, leak-proof, crack-proof and Fading resistant. With excellent quality and diversified functions, Our best color glass hummingbird feeder is definitely worth having.
  • ❤❤【UNIQUE CRAFT】❤❤✚ Our more professional hummingbird feeders are hand blown by skilled craftsmen. The biggest feature is that there are bubbles on the glass surface. Hummingbird experts, painting artists and ingredients experts have carefully studied the unique colors. These colors not only have a high ornamental artistry, but also are embedded in the glass interlayer, which is not easy to damage.
  • ❤❤【EASY TO USE】❤❤✚ Our brand hummingbird feeder takes customer convenience and satisfaction as the greatest pursuit. Full consideration is given to the use details, the bottleneck is wide, the color is transparent, and the nectar can be filled at any time according to the needs. Disassembly and assembly are very convenient. The brush is used for cleaning, the hook and rope are used to adjust the hanging height, and Ant Moat is used to protect nectar.
  • ❤❤【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】❤❤✚Our best quality hummingbird feeder allows customers to buy and use comfortably. No matter if you are not satisfied with our products at any time, please contact us at any time, we will give an unconditional full refund. We always respect the principle that customers are God.
Product Highlights:
  • 【Easy to Clean or Fill】Our brand new hummingbird feeder uses a clear plastic bowl with a smooth surface and a Red cover design, you can rinse thoroughly in a super short time, wide-mouth allows you to fill the nectar effortlessly, saving you precious time.
  • 【Ant Moat & Bee Proof】Built-in ant moat and putside narrow feeding port effectively keep most insects (especially ants and bees) away from the nectar. But there are 5 flower-shaped ports on the bee proof bird feeder available for hummingbirds breaking in. Compared with yellow flower, our red ports design won't attract bees.
  • 【Quality & No Leakage】hummingbird feeder is made of sturdy and durable polycarbonate, and will not fade easily. It is well sealed, wind-proof, and there is not prone to filling with rain water in the heavy storms.
  • 【Gift to Birds Lovers】The red hummingbird feeder makes you easy to see the wild hummingbirds no matter which port they're drinking from, which is an awesome gift to the bird lover! Get it to give your hummingbird a more enjoyable environment.
  • We provide the lifetime warranty to our customers, please contact us if you have any question during using our hummingbird feeder and we will solve your problem until you are 100% satisfied.
Product Highlights:
  • ✔VIBRANT COLORS ★ We turn our passion for hummingbirds into inspirational artistic design inspirations, creating the most unique and shiny colors loved by hummingbirds, making hummingbirds more fascinating and happy, and making your yard more full of love and vitality.
  • ✔ASSURED QUALITY★ Food grade silicone seals (non-plastic) for hummingbird feeders are more conducive to preventing leakage and contamination. All the materials of the base are sturdy and environmentally friendly, no cracking, no rusting, no fading, and no harmful substances such as lead and mercury. Our hummingbird feeders ensure the safety of nectar.
  • ✔INGENIOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP★ Each hummingbird feeder is blown by hand by an ingenious craftsman. The air bubbles on the glass surface are sufficient to prove that. the unique colors are carefully researched and drawn by the ingredients expert. The colors are inlaid in the glass The seams do not fade, our more professional hummingbird feeders are not easy to fade and damage.
  • ✔EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN★ The transparent glass and wide mouth of the hummingbird feeder make it easy to see the volume and fill the nectar in a timely and convenient way. Hummingbird feeders are easy to disassemble and clean, using a brush to clean the bottle and base separately.
  • ✔SATISFACTION GUARANTEE★ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our products have been thoroughly researched by experts to eliminate all risks. You deserve the best. If you don't like the hummingbird feeder for any reason, we will ensure that you get a full refund at any time.
Product Highlights:
  • WONDERFUL COLORS TO ATTRACT HUMMINGBIRDS: The blue bottle is adorned with brilliant dots, attracting hummingbirds and adding glamorous colors to your courtyard.
  • HANDMADE MEANS UNIQUE: Each product is handmade and unique, which can be proved by the small bubbles on its surface.
  • ALL-ROUND CARE FOR HUMMINGBIRDS: The base is equipped with perch for hummingbirds to rest, and ant moats, all are lead-free and toxic-free.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Easy to assemble, fill, and clean, the base is tightly sealed with a leak-proof gasket to prevent nectar from leaking.
  • RECYCLED MATERIALS: This item is made from recycled materials to help preserve our environment for future generations.
Product Highlights:
  • NECTAR CAPACITY: Holds 10 fluid ounces of hummingbird nectar
  • FEEDING PORTS: Features four flower-shaped feeding ports to accommodate multiple hummingbirds
  • ANT MOAT: Built-in ant moat stops ants in their tracks preventing them from reaching the precious nectar
  • ATTRACT MORE HUMMINGBIRDS: Red is a hummingbird's favorite color; attract more with the red top and base
  • EASY CLEANING: We recommend washing your hummingbird feeder by hand with warm soapy water; please refrain from putting your feeder in the dishwasher
Product Highlights:
  • Decorative, clear antique style glass bottle
  • Elegant base accents with brushed copper finish
  • 4 flower feeding ports
  • Holds 10 oz of nectar

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So, these are the best humming bird feeder available on the market. We strongly recommend checking out the features, specifications, and real customer reviews before choosing any humming bird feeder. To help you make your choice easier, we’ve prepared the following buying guide:

How to Choose the Right Humming Bird Feeder?

Since there are dozens of brands offering various types of humming bird feeder on the market, it becomes very difficult for both new and experienced buyers to pick the right one. In order to get the perfect humming bird feeder for the money, you need to consider the following factors:

Quality & Performance

Your top priority when shopping for humming bird feeder should be quality and performance. You should find out what materials are used in making the humming bird feeder. Try to make sure that the model you are choosing is of top-notch quality.

Brand Recognition

As we mentioned earlier, there are dozens of brands offering various types of humming bird feeder. Top-tier brands are reliable and offer high-performing humming bird feeder. So, you need to consider choosing the perfect humming bird feeder from a reputed brand.

Features & Specifications

We already mentioned some of the key features and specifications of top-quality humming bird feeder. You should check out the specifications and features of each of these humming bird feeder before making your decision.

Rating & Customer Reviews

Finally, take a look at the overall customer rating and real customer reviews of each of these humming bird feeder. This will help you make the right decision.


Price is another important factor that you need to consider when buying humming bird feeder. Though it always depends on your budget, you shouldn’t compromise any essential features for the price. In order to buy the perfect humming bird feeder, you should consider all of the factors mentioned above.

Final Words

We strongly believe that you will be able to find the best humming bird feeder from the above list. However, we recommend that you read the specifications and features of each of these humming bird feeder before deciding the right one for your needs.

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