Best Jig Saws

In this article, we’ve put together a collection of the best jig saws that are currently trending on the market. We used AI and big data to analyze dozens of reviews and ratings on different jig saws. Based on certain criteria, here we are presenting the top 10 jig saws that you can consider buying for your needs. To make your choice easier, we constantly update this collection of jig saws with new and trading models. When you make any purchase through our link, we may earn some commissions.

10 Best Jig Saws

Based on overall quality, performance, features, price, and customer reviews, the followings are the top 10 best selling jig saws:

Product Highlights:
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC JIG SAW - 5 amp electric jig saw with a 3⁄4” blade orbital action for increased precision
  • CURVE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY - Four curve settings for maximum control over rounded cuts
  • BEVELED CUTS - Makes beveled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • HIGH POWER - Variable-speed motor generates up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power
  • ADJUSTABLE SHOE - Adjustable shoe with wire guard for enhanced stability and line of site
Product Highlights:
  • Convenient: Featuring a tool less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that eliminates need to touch hot saw blade
  • 4 in 1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts for taking on the toughest cutting tasks
  • Control: Variable speed dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed; Features an ambidextrous lock on button for steadiness and user comfort
  • Secure: This Bosch tool includes a large, sturdy die cast foot with steel insert and on board bevel wrench; The JS470E's multidirectional blade clamp delivers superior grip of T shank blades
  • Accuracy: Internal precision machined plunging system and low vibration design enhances accuracy and allows for the smooth jigsaw operation in a variety of jobs
Product Highlights:
  • EFFORTLESSLY CUT THIN RIPS: The DCT Woodworking Thin Rip Table Saw Jig Guide Tool for Router or Band Saw Cutting Wood / Ripping Chair Slates, Cabinet allows you to cut reproducible thin rip cuts on the alternate side of a saw blade for safety, accuracy, and cut repeatability; This jig maximizes worker safety, streamlines your workflow, and produces successful outcomes
  • EVEN CUTS: Measurement markings on jig are easy to read so you can make accurate cuts; Ball-bearing roller keeps stock even while fed through the blade creating a smooth flow and applying consistent pressure
  • SAFETY FIRST: Protects your hands and fingers by preventing unnecessary hand proximity to the sharp blade; Reduces dangerous kickback by keeping the stock completely on the track and preventing it from getting trapped between the fence and the blade; Allows you to work on the free side of the blade thus avoiding unnecessary risk and stock binding
  • SECURE GRIP: Easy-to-grip knob on the top turns the locking miter bar piece and holds its position firmly to secure guide position; Dual-locking feature ensures the guide point locks jig in an optimal placement in a standard 3/4-inch x 3/8-inch miter slot for a specific job; Roller on the end acts as a stop for the material and allows the wood to flow past the jig without resistance
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Rip thin slates for chair backs, frames for cabinets, use with band saws and routers, or even use as a crosscut stop for making multiple cutoffs on the right side of a saw blade; Setup and use instructions are included for your convenience
Product Highlights:
  • 7 position speed dial (0-3200 spm) integrated into trigger of the jigsaw tool provides multiple speed settings for optimal cutting results
  • 6 Amp motor of the jig saw delivers power in demanding applications
  • 4 orbital settings provides best cutting performance in a variety of materials
  • Lock-on button provides easier control during prolonged use
  • Oversized overmold on front and handle provide greater control and comfort during use
Product Highlights:
  • Powerful 6.5 amp motor of the jigsaw tool delivers the cutting power needed for the most demanding materials
  • Variable speed of the jig saw delivers 500 - 3,100 strokes per minute for optimal cutting speed for a variety of applications
  • Keyless, lever-action blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes
  • All-metal gear case and keyless blade lever enhance tool durability in a professional shop environment
  • 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed
Product Highlights:
  • All-metal, lever-action, keyless blade change allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • All-metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree, and 45 degree provides versatility for easy bevel cutting
  • 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed for the jigsaw tool
  • Adjustable dust blower keeps line of cut clear of chips
  • Variable speed 0-3,000 spm for versatility in a multitude of materials and applications
Product Highlights:
  • Fits left and right tilting table saws, Fits with 3/8" x 3/4" miter gauge slots
  • Has ergonomic handles, quick release coarse adjustment, micro adjustment to .004-inch
  • Universal miter bar for use with all table saws with 3/8-inch by 3/4-inch miter slots
  • Extra-large clamp handwheel, This reasonably priced multi-purpose jig features 90 degree-45 degree Backstop with Adjustable 90 degree Positive Stop for Secure Support of Angular Stock. The work support tilts left up to 15° for angled or compound tenons. An adjustable positive stop and micro-adjust knob allow easy, precise set-up.
  • Compatible with a table saw with 3/8" x 3/4" miter slots
Product Highlights:
  • 【High Performance】 Orfeld jig saw Equipped with an 850 W super power motor and 6 different saw blades, the Orfeld jigsaw can easily cut any material, regardless of whether it is wood or aluminum. Even for carbide, the maximum cutting depth can reach 10 mm.
  • 【Laser Guidance & Simple Operation】 With the exception of the guide ruler, which guarantees the cutting width, the Orfeld jigsaw also has a specially developed laser guide with which you can cut professionally and precisely. The self-locking switch allows you to keep the machine running without pressing the switch any further. The ergonomically rubberized handle ensures comfortable gripping and more control, while minimizing hand fatigue and pain.
  • 【6 Speed Modes & 4 Orbital Positions】 Equipped with 6 speed modes and 4 orbital positions, you can freely choose as required. With different materials, using different modes will make it easier to cut. For hard metal you can choose speed modes from 2-3 and orbital positions from 0. For softwood you can choose speed modes from 5-6 and an orbital position from 3.
  • 【Easy to Swap Out and Use】 Just turn the quick button in the chuck to change the blade easily. Adjustable aluminum footplate enables the jig saw to make bevels up to 45°, you can freely rotate the angle to meet different needs for the bevel cut. The length of the power cord of the Orfeld jigsaw is 3 m, which is longer than that of the general jigsaw and increases the range considerably.
  • 【Handle Dust Easily & Warranty】 Fan and integrated vacuum cleaner connection erase the pencil line of the dust. Reduce interference, cut more precisely.ORFELD Team provides 12 months warranty and 7*24h customer service.
Product Highlights:
  • Accomplishes easy, accurate and repeatable thin rip cuts
  • Maximizes worker safety, streamlined work flow and successful outcomes
  • Allows you to work on the free side of the blade thus avoiding unnecessary risk and stock binding; ball bearing roller allows you to keep stock on an even keel while feeding it into the blade
  • Reduces kickback and stock binding
  • Large-sized Star knob both secures the jig's guide position, and locks the Jig itself into a standard 3/4-inch x 3/8-inch miter slot
Product Highlights:
  • 🎁☜【【Laser Guide + Guide Ruler + LED Precision Cutting 】☞ -Equipped with the newly introduced laser guide plate and guide ruler, built-in laser guides your cutting line, which can make you arrange the wire more accurately; with LED lights, LED lights The front area, ensuring visibility and precise cutting even in dim light, allows you to work in the dark conveniently.
  • 🎁☜【6 Variable Speeds & More Powerful】☞ -800W copper motor drives it to 3000SPM with 6 kinds of adjustable speed to help you cut various applications and finer thick materials (maximum cutting depth wood: 100mm Iron: 10 mm), 6-bit variable speed allows you to control the cutting speed and accuracy, and handle various applications and materials with higher accuracy. Equipped with fan thermal cycle system, faster heat dissipation capacity makes the motor more durable.
  • 🎁☜【4 Orbital Setting & Bevel Cutting】☞ -Equipped with 4-position track setting, can cut faster, saving your energy and time; adjustable bevel angle (-45 ° to 45 °) can be used to complete the difficulty Work, the wrench can / can be stuck on the jigsaw, so you wo n’t easily forget or misplace it. The aluminum base can ensure smooth cutting, the aluminum design is more wear-resistant, and the protective pad can reduce the scratching of the workpiece.
  • 🎁☜【Safer Dust Removal System & Lock Button】☞ -The integrated dust blower keeps the chips clean and provides you with a clear line of sight. Equipped with dual switch control to prevent accidental touch injury and ensure your safety. The lock button can achieve continuous work and soft grip, thereby increasing comfort and control. In addition, the non-slip handle is comfortable to hold and does not get tired for a long time.
  • 🎁☜【Widely Used and Fast Installation】☞ -Very suitable for general wood cutting, bending cutting and miter cutting; can use the quick release chuck to easily replace 4 universal T-shaped saw blades (2 * HSS metal blade + 2 * wood strip), to Save time, widely used in wood, steel, ceramics and plastic boards, etc., very suitable for use on the job site or DIY projects at home.

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So, these are the best jig saws available on the market. We strongly recommend checking out the features, specifications, and real customer reviews before choosing any jig saws. To help you make your choice easier, we’ve prepared the following buying guide:

How to Choose the Right Jig Saws?

Since there are dozens of brands offering various types of jig saws on the market, it becomes very difficult for both new and experienced buyers to pick the right one. In order to get the perfect jig saws for the money, you need to consider the following factors:

Quality & Performance

Your top priority when shopping for jig saws should be quality and performance. You should find out what materials are used in making the jig saws. Try to make sure that the model you are choosing is of top-notch quality.

Brand Recognition

As we mentioned earlier, there are dozens of brands offering various types of jig saws. Top-tier brands are reliable and offer high-performing jig saws. So, you need to consider choosing the perfect jig saws from a reputed brand.

Features & Specifications

We already mentioned some of the key features and specifications of top-quality jig saws. You should check out the specifications and features of each of these jig saws before making your decision.

Rating & Customer Reviews

Finally, take a look at the overall customer rating and real customer reviews of each of these jig saws. This will help you make the right decision.


Price is another important factor that you need to consider when buying jig saws. Though it always depends on your budget, you shouldn’t compromise any essential features for the price. In order to buy the perfect jig saws, you should consider all of the factors mentioned above.

Final Words

We strongly believe that you will be able to find the best jig saws from the above list. However, we recommend that you read the specifications and features of each of these jig saws before deciding the right one for your needs.

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