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In this article, we’ve put together a collection of the best synthesizer that are currently trending on the market. We used AI and big data to analyze dozens of reviews and ratings on different synthesizer. Based on certain criteria, here we are presenting the top 10 synthesizer that you can consider buying for your needs. To make your choice easier, we constantly update this collection of synthesizer with new and trading models. When you make any purchase through our link, we may earn some commissions.

10 Best Synthesizer

Based on overall quality, performance, features, price, and customer reviews, the followings are the top 10 best selling synthesizer:

Product Highlights:
  • PLAYABILITY: Two ways to make sounds with the stylus. The keyboard to make distinct notes and the sound strip above the keyboard to slide between notes on a scale.
  • PORTABILITY: Take this synth anywhere. Battery operated with built in speaker. Audio line out for headphones and/or external speaker. Audio in to use as an effects unit.
  • ENRICH THAT SOUND: New features include, LFO (with square and triangle waves), Low pass filter (cutoff/resonance), Envelope (attack/decay).
  • ANALOG DELAY FEATURE: Add space to your sounds with delay time, feedback and level.
  • ADDED FEATURES: Sub octaves -1 & -2 switch, this enriches your sound by adding a second frequency below your source sound. AND a Pulse Width Modulation button which can be used to create a chorus effect.
Product Highlights:
  • Miniature stylus operated synthesizer is a recreation of the 1967 classic
  • 5 Octaves. Optional vibrato effect
  • Tuning knob on bottom allows you tune the Stylophone or do pitch-bend effects
  • Built in speaker with volume control, Optional headphone jack
  • Line Out (3.5mm)
Product Highlights:
  • Hugely powerful mini-synth with Nova sound engine
  • Vocoder with unique VocalTune, pitch correcting effect
  • Tweak and warp your sounds in real-time
  • 256 awesome onboard sounds; additional free soundpacks downloadable on registration, including the 30 Giorgio Moroder-inspired patches
  • Layer up to 5 effects per voice. Novation now offers a 3-Year Warranty on this and all other Novation products.
Product Highlights:
  • VCF changed for 2-pole with more bite
  • DRIVE added for rich bass and cutting leads
  • LFO capabilities expanded with higher rates and deeper modulation
  • 16 step buttons for faster real-time step edits
  • Push button + turn knob for "parameter lock" style motion sequencing
Product Highlights:
  • CREATING MUSIC FOR 10 YEARS AND BEYOND - Teenage Engineering first unveiled the OP-1 in 2010. Since day one, it has been the favorite portable synthesizer by artists around the globe. It features multiple unique synth engines, high-quality stereo effects, and exchangeable LFOs. You also get physically modeled string synthesis and frequency modulation.
  • OFFERS MULTIPLE BUILT-IN SEQUENCERS - The OP-1 features an onboard tombola sequencer for random trig and a sketch sequencer, which allows you to "draw" notes freely with the knobs. You get 6 unique sequencers doing one task each instead of just having a single sequencer handling everything.
  • SAMPLES SOUNDS FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES - You can sample a sound using the onboard microphone. The built-in FM radio allows you to sample local radio stations or music. You can also feed tracks plugged from a recorder in the 3.5mm line input.
  • OFFERS "TAPE RECORDING" - The 4-track tape feature lets you record any beats you create, play, sequence, or tweak. You can overdub with pitch change by matching the tape speed with the sequencer clock.
  • LASTS LONGER THAN OTHER DEVICES - The tiny OP-1 packs 16 hours of battery life. You can travel and play the synthesizer without worrying about running out of power. The OP-1 can even last for 2 years on standby mode.
Product Highlights:
  • Gig-ready instrument with pro sounds, enhanced performance features, and battery-powered operation
  • 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard provides weighted-action feel in a lightweight design that’s easy to transport
  • Includes all the sounds from the popular JUNO-Di, plus newly updated acoustic and electric pianos, additional organs, and other stage essentials
  • Wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms, available for free at Roland’s Axial website
  • Sample import function for playing user WAV files on the JUNO-DS88’s keyboard
Product Highlights:
  • CREATE MUSIC ON-THE-FLY - The Teenage Engineering OP-1 offers high-quality stereo effects and exchangeable LFOs. It has 13 unique synth engines that provide physically modeled string synthesis and frequency modulation.
  • OFFERS TAPE RECORDING AND UNIQUE SEQUENCERS - The 4-Track Tape Function lets you record any beats you create, play, sequence, or tweak. You can also arrange notes in different ways using one of the four original sequencers.
  • SAMPLE SOUNDS FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES - You can sample a sound using the onboard microphone. Plug-in the FM (from Accessory Kit) to sample local radio stations or music. You can also feed tracks plugged from a recorder in the 3.5mm line input.
  • LISTEN TO HIGH-QUALITY BEATS - Plug the ATH-M20x Headphones into OP-1's audio jack for direct monitoring. Its closed-back design provides excellent sound isolation with minimal bleed. You get an accurate 15Hz-20kHz frequency response with ATH-M20x.
  • INCLUDES - Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer, Sampler, and Controller. ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones with 1/4" Snap-On Adapter. Blucoil USB Wall Adapter 5V 1000mA (Model No. KA25-0501000US). Blucoil 3-Foot USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable. 3-Pack of Blucoil 7-Inch Audio Aux Cables.
Product Highlights:
  • Oscillator Modes
  • Touch Keyboard with Aftertouch
  • Store up to 192 presets
  • State Variable Analog Filter
  • Includes Power cord, and user's manual
Product Highlights:
  • A powerful kick synthesizer that even covers kick bass
  • The volca sequencer dramatically transforms your patterns
  • High Playability
Product Highlights:
  • Discrete analog circuitry with knob-per-function interface
  • Three voltage controlled oscillators with six waveforms
  • Temperature-stabilized oscillators with automatic tuning
  • 24 dB low-pass filter and dual gain-stage amplifier
  • Three types of cross modulation (XMOD), feedback loop, and noise generator

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So, these are the best synthesizer available on the market. We strongly recommend checking out the features, specifications, and real customer reviews before choosing any synthesizer. To help you make your choice easier, we’ve prepared the following buying guide:

How to Choose the Right Synthesizer?

Since there are dozens of brands offering various types of synthesizer on the market, it becomes very difficult for both new and experienced buyers to pick the right one. In order to get the perfect synthesizer for the money, you need to consider the following factors:

Quality & Performance

Your top priority when shopping for synthesizer should be quality and performance. You should find out what materials are used in making the synthesizer. Try to make sure that the model you are choosing is of top-notch quality.

Brand Recognition

As we mentioned earlier, there are dozens of brands offering various types of synthesizer. Top-tier brands are reliable and offer high-performing synthesizer. So, you need to consider choosing the perfect synthesizer from a reputed brand.

Features & Specifications

We already mentioned some of the key features and specifications of top-quality synthesizer. You should check out the specifications and features of each of these synthesizer before making your decision.

Rating & Customer Reviews

Finally, take a look at the overall customer rating and real customer reviews of each of these synthesizer. This will help you make the right decision.


Price is another important factor that you need to consider when buying synthesizer. Though it always depends on your budget, you shouldn’t compromise any essential features for the price. In order to buy the perfect synthesizer, you should consider all of the factors mentioned above.

Final Words

We strongly believe that you will be able to find the best synthesizer from the above list. However, we recommend that you read the specifications and features of each of these synthesizer before deciding the right one for your needs.

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